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Daily Care of Dogs

Aug 18, 2022 Polar Aurora

Nowadays, people's life rhythm has become faster and faster, and the work pressure has become greater. At the same time, people's mental state will also be highly stressed. And raising a dog can bring you a lot of happiness and companionship. Its cute and cute actions can make you feel better, let you release stress, and leave your worries behind. But raising a cute and lovable pet dog also requires careful care and care for it on a daily basis, so today I will give you a little bit of care-related knowledge.

1. Give the dog a bath
Bathing a dog can be said to be a must-do care job, and no one likes a dirty dog. But bathing should not be too frequent, there are no special circumstances, and the frequency should not be higher than once a week, otherwise the dog may get skin diseases. You can make a bathing plan according to your body shape, hair length, cleanliness, etc. It can be once a week, once a week, and no longer than a month. When bathing, use a dog-specific body wash, rinse thoroughly, and dry the hair completely with a hairdryer after washing.

dog bath

2. Groom the dog
Grooming a dog is also one of the most common treatments. Many dogs also like their owners to groom them, which is more comfortable for them. Regular grooming will strengthen the bond between the owner and the dog, and at the same time let the dog's hair The hair is shiny and more beautiful. Long-haired dogs are best brushed every day to prevent tangles, while short-haired dogs can be brushed once a week. Grooming your dog during the shedding season will help you to comb out the fallen hair and help prevent the dog hair from flying all over the house.

dog haircut

3. Clean the dog's mouth
Dogs also need to clean their mouths and teeth. Many dogs have never brushed their teeth, which can easily lead to dental disease and bad breath. Brushing your dog's teeth every day is the best way to take care of his teeth and will help him get rid of most of the plaque, but few pet owners follow through.

4. Clean the anal glands
Another important daily care for dogs is to squeeze the anal glands. The anal glands are two glands located under the dog's anus. If the gland fluid accumulates too much, it will cause the dog's anus to swell and become inflamed, which will affect the dog's normal defecation. If you lift your legs and lick your butt, it is likely that the anal gland is uncomfortable, and it is necessary to squeeze it. In addition, you can wash your dog's butt every day to avoid other infections.

5. Clean your ears
Cleaning the dog's ears is an area that is easily overlooked. If you forget to dry the ears after bathing the dog, there will be water in the ears, which will easily breed bacteria and cause ear inflammation. Some lop-eared dogs have airtight ears and are prone to ear mites if they are not cleaned properly. In these cases, the dog's ears need to be cleaned regularly.

6. Trim your nails
Dogs also need to trim their nails on a regular basis. Too long nails will affect their movement and are more likely to scratch the sofa and other furniture at home. However, some dogs may not like to trim their nails, which may be because they were cut to the blood line in a previous nail clipping, which has a psychological shadow. You can use a nail file to smooth the nails slowly. Generally, dogs need to trim their nails every month, but if they often run on rough roads, they don't need to be so frequent.

dog care

The last point is that the dog's feces should also be cleaned up in time, give it a clean and comfortable home, and remember to wear disposable gloves to avoid bacterial infection.

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