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How To Care For Dog Ears

Mar 8, 2023 Polar Aurora

How To Care For Dog Ears

First of all, some of the characteristics of dog ear problems:
1. Dogs love to shake their heads
2. Sometimes he scratches the outside of his ears
3. The ears are smelly and dirty
4. The ear becomes red and swollen and bleeds easily
5. There is pus or blood flowing out
6. Hearing loss
7. Head tilt

  A dog's ear canal is covered with rich ear hairs. If it is not cleaned frequently, it is easy to produce dirt, which can cause ear mites in severe cases. A normal ear canal should be clean, no odor, no dirt, and pink. If your dog frequently shakes his head unnaturally and scratches his ears with his claws, then his ears are uncomfortable and need to be cleaned. When a dog is found to be flicking or scratching its ears frequently, it means there is something wrong with the dog's ears, but many careless owners don't find out until the dog's ears are smelling. In fact, as long as the earwax is cleaned in the correct way, it can reduce the occurrence of this situation.

How to clean your ears:
   For some long-haired dogs with lop ears, the ear hair needs to be cleaned regularly, so as not to act like a filter, blocking the normal discharge of earwax and inflaming the ear canal. Removing the ear hair that grows out of the ear canal is a particularly annoying thing, but for owners of long-haired dogs such as Beijing Ba, Bichon, British Shepherd, VIP, Yorkshire, etc., they should be aware of regular cleaning of ear hair. . The so-called cleaning of ear hair is to pluck the ear hair, not to trim it. Because if it is just trimmed, the hair roots will remain in the skin, and these short ear hairs will continue to grow, and with the appearance of new ear hairs, there will be more and more ear hairs inside the ears, and it is impossible to clean the ears at all. hair effect.

  It is especially important to note that do not pierce the ears of the puppy casually. The puppy's ear canal is very fragile and requires the owner's careful care to prevent problems. The owner should regularly check the puppy's ear for odor, inflammation and earwax accumulation. If there is not much earwax, there is no need to worry too much. Earwax has a natural protective effect on the ear canal. Only when the earwax accumulates too much does it need to be cleaned. Simply clean the inside of your puppy's ears with a cotton ball moistened with ear oil.

  When bathing the dog, be sure not to let water get into the dog's ears. If you accidentally let water get into the dog's ears, be sure to dry the water with a cotton swab as soon as possible! Be careful when you "pick your dog's ears" Don't insert the cotton swab too deep, so that the dog will shake his head when it is uncomfortable, and if you are not careful, it will hurt the dog's inner ear. Then use pet-specific ear drops to drop 2 drops into the dog's ear, cover the ear and gently massage the ear for 1 minute, and then look inside the ear. At this time, the hard ear wax will become soft and can be wiped out with a cotton swab. . Ear cleaning should be carried out once a week! If the dog's ears have started to become red and swollen, itching is severe, the smell is strong, and there is a lot of earwax, then it should be cleaned once a day, and it will be significantly improved after 3 days. Then gradually reduce the number of times until the ears are completely normal. The ear hair in the dog's ear canal should also be properly trimmed, because if the ear hair is too dense, it will affect the ventilation and cause inflammation in the ear.

Finally it should be noted:
  When raising pets, the peculiar smell from the dog's ear canal is usually the biggest cause of trouble for the owner. Interested in getting along with pets. When there is a problem with the ear canal, in addition to the odor, the dog will also shake its head and scratch its ears. Sometimes they will scratch off the hair on the outside of the ear, in severe cases even scratching a hemorrhage, or the ear canal feels like there is a lot of water in it. I usually start at the outer edge of the ear, looking at the skin for redness, checking for visible earwax, and then smelling it. If there is a problem with the ear canal, it can usually be found at this stage, and then the sampling can be observed through an otoscope or a microscope.
  Taking care of your pet starts with taking care of the ear canal. If the problem is serious, do not delay the time to seek medical attention, please consult a professional veterinarian and seek treatment as soon as possible, so as not to make your beloved dog suffer.


Dog hygiene is very important, it is recommended to take a bath once a week, use Dog Bathtub, Water Blower, Dog Beauty Table, etc.



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