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How to Choose a Dog Cage

Oct 12, 2022 Polar Aurora

Sometimes, due to certain circumstances, we have to keep the dog in the cage, so how to choose a cage suitable for your dog? This becomes very important because dogs spend a lot of time in cages.
Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a dog cage:

1. Determine the size according to the dog's body.

If you choose just the right size to fit into the cage, the top and corners of the cage are actually unusable space for the dog. Others say it's just enough width for a dog to turn around. I personally think that the size of the cage must be twice the length of the dog, which is more suitable for the dog. Just like us, we all want to have a big house and live in a spacious and comfortable place. But if your dog is a puppy, its growth must be taken into account, so the cage must be purchased with reference to the dog's adult size.

How to Choose a Dog Cage
2. According to the size of the dog, choose the firmness of the cage.

If you go to buy a cage, you will find that the texture of the cage is mostly iron, iron wire, or columnar square iron rod. For smaller dogs, iron wire can be used, but for larger dogs For dogs with a lot of energy, they should choose a square iron rod, which is much stronger than the iron wire. The advantage of iron wire is that if you want to use it, you canFolded and put away, iron rods will not work. My family still has a small cage with pink square iron rods that Kuqi used when he was a child. Although it is useless, it is thrown away and wasted, so it is still at home. .

How to Choose a Dog Cage3. Is the structure of the dog cage reasonable?

In general, there are not many forms of dog cages, and most of them are reasonable. There are trays below, which can easily clean the dog's urine. What I want to remind is to pay attention to observe whether the bottom plate of the dog cage with the square iron bar (that is, the bottom surface of the cage above the plastic tray) is movable, and can you take it out for cleaning, because the dog's stool will stick to it, It's too much trouble if you can't get it out. There is also a relatively large wire dog cage without wheels, which is very inconvenient. It will be very heavy to move, but a small wire dog cage will not be too difficult to move.The last thing to remind is that before buying a dog cage, make sure that you really need it and use it, so as not to buy one and use it again, isn't it a pity.

How to Choose a Dog Cage


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