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My good friend "Pet Dog"

Aug 18, 2022 Polar Aurora

On my 16th birthday, my mother and I blew out the burning candles, I closed my eyes and made a wish, and my mother took out a box when I made a wish, with a few round holes in it, let me guess What was inside, my mother looked at me puzzled and slowly opened the box. Wow..., there is a white puppy inside, so fluffy and cute, this is what I have always dreamed of, I hold it in my arms, it is so beautiful in my heart!

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  So he became my friend and I got him an outdoor kennel the next day, a heavy kennel with doors, and he was my faithful playmate when mom was away. That winter, I took it to the park to play, and its whiteness matched the snowflakes in the sky. It ran in front, I chased behind, it took me to a world that no longer made me sad, in that world the clouds were candy-like, and there were shooting stars from time to time, we sat on the clouds and played, Its cute calls brought us back to real life. In the spring, we play on the tender grass, we sit on the grass, it still gets into my arms from time to time and acts like a spoiled child with me.

Pet Dog Cage Strong Barbed Wire Lockable 4 Wheels With Tray Double Door Design
  After a day of playing, I'm so tired. Come take a bath with us! I bathed it, it was very obedient, sitting in the basin motionless, like a statue. I carried it to its little bed, and it slept loudly, and in the morning it knew how to wake me up, licking me with its smooth tongue, and wake me up. When I took it out in the summer, it was always playing with the neighbor's puppy and chasing others. The one or two-year-old little brother saw it, touched it lightly with his hand, and immediately laughed. It always follows me, and I take it with me when I go to the mall. In autumn, the leaves on the roadside fall on its head, and it will run away happily.
  Now, I'm doing my homework and it seems to understand my mind and just sit and watch me study. It is my pet, but also my friend, it is always by my side no matter what time, accompanying me in my study and life.

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