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My Time With Kaydee

Sep 2, 2022 Polar Aurora

     My dog ​​and I have been good friends for many years and we have been together for five years. Every day when I was out of school, before I even got home, the dog seemed to smell me and ran out to meet me all the way, wagging his tail at me, knowing that Kaydee was welcoming me. I walked in front, Kaydee followed, trotting along, Very cute. At home, he would often snuggle close to me, and when I got up, Kaydee followed; I stopped, and Kaydee stopped and looked up at me. For the past five years, Kaydee has become my inseparable friend, and I feel empty in my heart without seeing him for a day.
     Although the dog is not beautiful, but very sensible. It was a Saturday afternoon and I was playing a game of "cops catch thieves" with my neighbor's brother and sister. Before I knew it, the sun went down the mountain with a blushing round face. But we, who are having a good time, don't care about the passing of time, and are still chasing after them. At this time, Kaydee was in a hurry. He kept looking at the sky, and then at me, who was elated. He hesitated for a while, then walked slowly to me, bit my clothes, and called home. A few times, I quickly understood what Kaydee meant, Kaydee was afraid that I forgot to go home. Faced with a friend who can't speak, how can I be so embarrassed to refuse? I gratefully gave Kaydee a smile back and happily went home with Kaydee.
       Having spent a long time with Kaydee, I have developed a deep bond with Kaydee. If Grandma hits Kaydee, or gets caught in the rain, I'll feel bad. It was raining non-stop some time ago, and Kaydee stayed at home obediently. But one day, for some unknown reason, Kaydee ran out and didn't come back for a long time. Suddenly, the rain was loud, and the wind kept drifting towards the house with the raindrops in between, and the grandmother closed the door. "The dog is still outside!" I rushed out desperately, shouting the dog's name. I didn't go home with Kaydee until the dog was found. At this point, both of us became scumbags.
   In my eyes, Kaydee is my best friend and my best friend.

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