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Pet Grooming Workbench

Nov 18, 2022 Polar Aurora

    Dog lovers who have raised pets know that the pet grooming table is an essential tool for daily grooming of dogs or other pets. Because cutting nails, trimming hair, dyeing and other care for pets requires a convenient and easy-to-use nursing table. If there is no nursing table, some nursing care cannot be handled at home, so dog lovers will often send their dogs to professional dog grooming shops for grooming, whether it is a beauty salon or simple grooming at home, there is a Dog grooming tables are more comfortable. So what are the types and characteristics of the dog grooming table, if you choose a dog grooming table? The following mini-series on this site will share one with you:

   Function: special workbench for pet grooming

   Note: Animals are alive and kicking, so an untrained pet will never allow you to quietly perform grooming maneuvers of your own free will. Therefore, it is necessary to have a grooming bench that can keep it safe and stop sliding.

Type: The evolution of the beauty table, from the early fixed wooden table, to the iron movable table, and even to the current aluminum product, except for the change of material, the function has developed very well. Due to different usage occasions, it can be divided into the following forms:

1. Portable: Portable and easy to carry, suitable for dog shows or traveling.

2. Work type: slightly heavy but stable. Dogs don't shake when they're restless. The most popular workstation in the pet grooming industry.

3. Hydraulic or steam-driven: bulky, not easy to move, but can freely adjust the height and rotate 360 ​​degrees. No matter what type of dog it is, it can match the height and habits of the groomer when grooming.

A good beauty table needs to meet the following conditions:

After the movable table legs are opened, the four corners should not shake.

Anti-slip rubber sheets should be pasted on the desktop.

The edge trim of the table fits tightly with the rubber sheet.

The lifting pole should be stable and adjustable in height.

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