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My Home Chicken Coop

Mar 8, 2023 Polar Aurora

Coop Type

1. According to the building structure: divided into closed type, window type, open type (open type)
Open chicken houses are suitable for areas with warm and not hot climates. The temperature from morning to night is consistent with the physiological habits of chickens, and there is no heat and cold stress. The disadvantage of this type of chicken coop is that it is vulnerable to the threat of foreign disease-bearing birds. During construction, a protective net must be built to prevent birds from approaching the chicken coop.
There are window-type chicken houses. Basically, traditional chicken houses in central China are like this. Most of them are naturally ventilated. When the weather is too hot, mechanical ventilation and water curtains are used to cool down. With the increase of construction labor and material costs year by year, coupled with the insulation effect of the chicken coop itself, it has gradually been eliminated.
The closed chicken house is suitable for any area. The internal climate of the chicken house is automatically controlled by a microcomputer control system, so that the internal environment of the chicken house fully meets the needs of chicken growth, which greatly promotes the improvement of the production performance indicators of the chicken farm. Domestic large-scale intensive farms all use light steel structure closed chicken houses, so that chickens grow in a good environment, and the ratio of feed to meat is higher, so as to maximize the breeding benefits.

My Home Chicken Coop
2. According to the breeding method: flat-raised house, cage-raised house, free-range house
Flat rearing house: Lay a layer of litter on the ground, and then put the chickens into the chicken house for rearing, starting from chicks and raising them all the way to adult chickens. Except for Europe, foreign broiler houses are basically closed flat houses with microclimate control systems.
Cage house: put chickens into chicken cages for breeding. There are A-type and H-type stacked chicken cages. Most domestic laying hen houses are caged houses, and some are specially used for breeding broilers. The welfare of this kind of chicken house is not Very good, but the breeding density is the largest, and the benefits of the chicken house are also huge. Of course, the overall investment in the chicken house is also huge.
Free-range house: This kind of chicken house is a model of welfare breeding, including indoor lounge, outdoor playground in rainy and snowy days and a sports field outside the whole chicken house. Chickens not only have their own outdoor playground, but also their own habitat There are places where you can go out for a walk in bad weather. This type of coop construction has been enforced in Europe and is being used on farms in Australia to raise chickens, producing organic eggs and organic chicken at higher prices.
3. According to the breed of chickens, it is divided into: breeder house, laying house and broiler house
Breeding hen house: It is used for breeding chicken farms to breed roosters and hens that have been selected and bred, and are specially used for laying eggs and hatching chicks.
Laying hen house: used in laying hen farms to breed hens with excellent egg laying performance.
Broiler house: It is used in broiler farms to breed chickens with a high feed-to-meat ratio. After they are grown, they are sent to the slaughterhouse for slaughtering and processing into chicken wings, pipa legs and other muscle products.
4. According to the growth stage: brooding house, rearing house, adult chicken house
Growth stages of chickens: from small chicks, to young chickens, to adult chickens
This classification is generally mainly used in laying hens and broiler chicken cages. The size of the chickens is different, and the required cages are also different. chicks), finishing houses (from 3-4 weeks of age to adulthood) and adult houses

My Home Chicken Coop


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